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Sunday, 05 October 2014 10:12

So many coaches are having difficulties figuring out the Team Roster.   The Team Roster is done on the FIRST site through the team TIMS interface.  However we don't have access to the completed Team Roster on the FIRST site... so we need a copy uploaded to us.


Here is what I have been able to figure out so far - note that we do not have any documentation or screenshots of the process or how to navigate within TIMS, so if you can help with sending snapshots as you go that would be helpful  (I can black out the team specific info if you can't).


This is an Example of what a completed Team Roster looks like.
[this is altered to protect  the confidentiality of this team - you do not need nor should you blank out any of the info on your Team Roster]


The lead coach logs in to the team's FIRST TIMS Registration - under "Student Team Member Summary" tab. You enter the email of the parent for each team member on your team.  



The system-generated email gives instructions to the parent on how to create an account and do 2 things: 1.  Electronically sign the release of liabilility waiver (Consent Form) and  2.  Apply to have their child on your team  (yes, it seems a bit redundant).


Frequently Asked Questions

If the parent does not receive the system-generated email invitation, provide the parent with the program name (FLL), and team number.  

They can go to: https://my.usfirst.org/stims/site.lasso

The parent will then review the FIRST Privacy Policy and create account. Follow additional steps.


As each parent completes both items,  in the Student Team Member Summary on the team TIMS information,  it shows up "Applied"  under the Application Status column for each student and "Accepted" under Consent Form Status.   


The coach then Accepts each student member officially on to the Team Roster for up to 10 members.    If your team has more than 10 members,  the students will show up as Applied but you can not accept more than 10. Your team will be marked as ineligible for awards per the FLL Participation Rules set by FIRST.


If you can't get the Youth Mentor, Adult Coach/Mentor or Student Team Member listed on the official Team Roster for some reason, then you will have to handwrite it on the Team Roster at the bottom and scan the updated one.  All handwritten names must be included on the team details jotform AND I have to have received paper version of the release of liability waivers


To Print the Team Roster:  

 Access the Team Roster using the View button from the Team Summary Page in TIMS. Click the Printable Team Roster button.  In the Print Dialog,  you should be able to "Print to PDF" and save the file on your local computer.  This is the file that you upload to NorCal via the jotform.


PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE TEAM ROSTER.   The database connection that we have is expecting that the jotform itself has the Team Roster uploaded.  I am not able to go in and edit your jotform entry to trigger the right operations to occur.  The only way is to have the jotform updated  (yes, sorry it is a pain to re-enter everything).  The Upload File button is on page 3 of the form - just above where you type the student names.   


Finally, the Explanation line in the status table is a manual update -  I have to individually edit the line.  The database update(s) do not touch that line.  So if you update your team roster, the Notes line will likely still say, "Missing TIMS Team Roster" and will until I can get into the edit function and erase it.


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Monday, 29 September 2014 08:02

NorCalFLL does not use the FIRST system for tournament registration


This means that you will not see any NorCal Tournaments in TIMS (for Team Registration).   They will be listed in VIMS (for Registering to Volunteer) and searchable on the "What Events Are in my area?"


They are listed here


To register for a NorCal Qualifier in mid-October,  there are 2 prerequisites that must be completed!

Check your team's status

Explanation of how to Register for a November Qualifier

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Saturday, 30 August 2014 12:29

Most important items to know:

1.  NorCalFLL Qualifier Tournament (QT) Registration does not open until October

2. There are QT PreReqs that must be completed to register - details below

3.  NorCalFLL does not use FIRST system for event registration -  This means that you will not see any events in TIMS.  Instead they are listed here


NorCal FLL Qualifier Tournament (QT) registration process explained



1. Pay $85 QT Registration Fee and $100 Regional Program Fee - Local Support  (paypal or check)


2. Fill out online team form (jotform)

Information needed to complete online team form:
. Names and information about all team members and coaches/mentors
. Need to upload completed TIMS team roster which is how  team parents electronically sign the release of liability waiver
            More information about the TIMS team roster

To Print (from same link as instructions above):  

    • To print the Team Roster, access the Team Roster using the View button from the Team Summary Page in TIMS. Click the Printable Team Roster button.

. Name and email for team's QT adult volunteer - this can not be one of the screened listed team coaches!  (General list of roles/descriptions)

NOTE: You will not be able to edit your team's data - you will have to re-enter the information.  If we fix the DB hooks, then we will update but, for now, this is how it will work.

If the link above does not show the form (ie it is a blank page), the most likely reason is that your network (school or work) is blocking jotform.  I can't fix this.   The only solution is for you or someone else with the team fill out the form from a different public or personal network.

3. Only if needed, Mail or Drop off Release of Liability Waivers

Waivers are only needed for:
. Any team member under 9 years old that is not on official team roster
. Additional Adult Coaches/Mentors (more than 2 screened lead coaches)
. All Youth/Minor Coaches/Mentors 


Deadline to complete in time for a team to register in Round 1 for their QT is October 1st.   



Check Your Team's "Eligible to Register" Status 



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Sunday, 07 June 2009 17:28
FIRST LEGO League (FLL) brings theory and practice together.  Working in an environment that encourages inquiry and hands-on experimentation, team members fulfill roles modeled after real world project teams.

FLL Logo

The FIRST LEGO League  is the result of a partnership between FIRST and The LEGO Group.   FLL is an exciting and fun global robotics program that ignites an enthusiasm for discovery, science, and technology in kids ages 9 to 14.  

Throughout the world,  FIRST has partnered with nonprofits, universities and others to support and deliver  FIRST LEGO League in that region.  Playing At Learning is the operational partner for Northern California.

Getting Started Animation Video


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Sunday, 15 September 2013 21:42

Support NorCal FLL   

Playing At Learning does not receive the team registration fees that teams pay to FIRST.  In addition,  we use the tournament qualifier fees to directly support the tournaments themselves  - the fees pay for items such as facility costs (rent, custodians),  awards,  volunteer food and field setup kits.  


We need your HELP directly to  better  handle the tournament infrastructure and team growth and help with better support/recruit volunteers!  

Be An Advocate for NorCal FLL and  STEM!



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