FIRST Team #18313
FIRST Team NameMicrochips and Salsa
FIRST Team CityDavis
FIRST Team School or Nonprofit Organization 
FIRST 2 coaches screened?Yes
FIRST Team Registration payment received?Yes
NorCal DistrictCapital
NorCal Region & Tournament Payment Received?Yes
NorCal Team Information Form (JotForm) Received?Yes
NorCal Additional Consent Forms Needed?all received
NorCal Eligible to Register for QT?Yes
Explanation/NotesEligible for Early Bird registration
Registered for NorCal Qualifying Tournament (QT)Pleasant Grove Red HS, organized by EagleForce on 11/13/2016
Registration InformationDavid registered team on 2016-10-08 23:03:50