FIRST Team #17979
FIRST Team NameHoly Name School Team
FIRST Team CitySan Francisco
FIRST Team School or Nonprofit OrganizationHoly Name Elementary School
FIRST 2 coaches screened?Yes
FIRST Team Registration payment received?Yes
NorCal DistrictEast Bay
NorCal Region & Tournament Payment Received?Yes
NorCal Team Information Form (JotForm) Received?Yes
NorCal Additional Consent Forms Needed?Yes
NorCal Eligible to Register for QT?Fix Required -- See Explanation
Explanation/Notes11/2 Team roster is missing consent for coaches; Is Tyler consent form legal signature of parent

If you need to fix your jotform entry, look for the jotform confirmation email
sent to the team contact email from
In that email is an edit link that you can click on to edit your team's unique entry.