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Rookie Teams typically spend  between $1200 and $1500;  returning teams ~$800    [pricing from FIRST] :     IMPORTANT FIRST TEAM REGISTRATION INFORMATION

what amount   why 
 Annual National Team Registration  $225  Support FIRST HQ and overall FLL program 
 Annual NorCal Registration $185  $85 for Qualifier Tournament (QT) registration and $100 for NorCal regional support
 Annual Field Setup Kit $ 75
(plus ~$10 tax and shipping) 
 Game field kit includes 4'x8' plasticized mat and all of the LEGO elements to build all of the missions for the annual robot game.  Each team may purchase exactly 1 but only after paying the FIRST team registration and having 2 screened coaches.  The "Purchase Materials" link shows up on the Team Registration on the Team Dashboard. 
Annual NorCal Championship Tournament (CT) * $225 NorCal currently has zero championship event sponsors - Can you help so that we can lower the cost?
Annual Project Materials $ 75 Estimated cost for materials needed for the team's project and presentation.  This can vary wildly depending on the team.
First year only:  LEGO Mindstorms kit $499
(plus ~$55 in tax and shipping)
Note that any version of LEGO Mindstorms is allowed in FLL but if you don't have one,  you should get the most up to date one (EV3)
First year only: Challenge table $ 75 Depends on the materials used but you should buy high quality (furntiture grade plywood for base) lumber to assemble

* Note that advancement from a Qualifier to Championship tournament  is based on the  FLL Champions' award criteria defined by FIRST

The team will also need access to a laptop/computer to program their robot (and will want to bring to the tournament) and many teams create a team t-shirt.   Sometimes, the team's snacks, project presentation materials  and similar expenses are shared among team members or donated by each team member throughout the season (such as each team member signs up for a bringing snack for that week's meeting).  

We typically have some limited need-based grant money for teams between May and midAugust. All of our support is targeted to under-served communities with true financial need.   Contact Mark for grants and sponsorship opportunities

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